Which Mask is Right for Me?

Below is a simple comparison between the NT-V2 mask that HealthPro Nutrient recommends and a conventional N95 mask:

TopicPasture Pharma Nano
Bi-Directional NT-V2
N95 Mask
Usage Time24 Hours1-2 hours
Neutralizes bacteria and virusesYesNo
Easy to Breath technologyYesNo
NIOSH Approved N95 RespiratorYesSome
FDA Cleared for use by the General PublicNoNo
Recommended for Public Use in influenza pandemicYesNo (Occupational Use Only )
Meets Fit Assessment criteria for 'untrained' usersYesNo
Package contains User's Instructions for general publicYesNo
Facial contoured design to reduce leakageYesSome
Number of filtration layers73-Standard
Minimum 95% filtration efficiencyYesYes
Blood & Fluid resistanceYesSome
Fire retardationYesSome
Comfortable to wearYesSome

Note: This chart is for comparative purposes only. Not all N95 masks are made the same. The NT-V2 mask is currently being tested by the FDA.

What is an N95 rating?

N95 simply means that 95% of particles in the air are blocked, and it is rated to do so by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health). There are a lot of imitators that say their masks are made to N95 standards but unless they're given the rating by NIOSH, they cannot be trusted.

Note: HealthPro Nutrient's NT-V2 mask is N100, which means that it blocks 100% of particles in the air.